Large yoyo bags?

Is there anywhere I could find a yoyo bag (Any company is fine) that could fit more than 15 yoyos? If so, please provide me with a link and it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

If you’re willing to work a little, go to a store that carry many kinds of bags, then buy foam sheets and cut the holes by yourself. That way you can customize it however you want.

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I think the YoyoExpert large contest bag is a good option for you, but I realize it’s out of stock. I suggest emailing, to ask when they plan to restock. If you see something out of stock in the store, always email them, because you’ll be surprised how often they are going to restock soon enough. I’ve learned my lesson on that.

I recently gave away three large cases, but they were hard cases, not what you are looking for.


Here’s a picture of a case I kind of made myself, really really simple.

The photo link is not working for me. Maybe it’s just on my end. :-\

Not working for me either.

I would definitely suggest a YYE large contest bag when/if they restock.

How do I post a photo?

It’s not working because the link is to his computer instead of a hosting service or as an attachment.

Read this to figure it out…

Pictures?? How do you post them?!

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