Will there be a yoyoexpert bag restock?

I see many yoyoers with these bags and I’ve always liked them, but now their not in stock. I do have a nice case which holds twelve yoyos but I’m looking for something portable. The YYE contest bags are gone but what I do want is the medium 5 compartment bag in black. Same with the two compartment. I do have my own custom holster that works well but sometimes I want to carry more than one throw and keep them from getting hit by everything. Were these a one time thing or will there ever be a restock?

I, on the flipside, am after something large to store my yoyos in. I have the 8-compartment “contest bag” which is really nice…which actually has held several more yoyos, usually a pair of loopers in the zipper compartment and an Aoda Littles in the counter weight slot :slight_smile:

They should restock eventually

I hope so. :slight_smile:

We’re working on getting more in stock but no ETA yet. We will definitely make an announcement when they arrive.