Lancaster County Yoyo Club?

Hey Yomagic. There’s a store inside Berkshire called Smart toys I believe. Do you think if we talked to them they’d let use throw there? Or maybe even if we handed out some advertising for their shop they could get us club access to the mall then? Just a thought.

Um I dont know much about that mall but maybe someone could call and see if they would be down…We could also do it here at Kutztown University too. There are plenty of places i could rent out for a meet up. Plus theres a few yoyoers here.

Hmm, Definitely a possibility to have it at Kutztown. I’ll discuss with 2 of my friends at school tomorrow. Cause Kutztown is only like twenty minutes further for us anyway.

Ooo college kids :wink: lol

Anyone trying to have a meetup next week sometime?
Nova throwers club is going to Yoyojoe’s on December 8th. Didnt find a time yet but I planning in going.

Shouldnt be that hard for you to join us.

Dude, Berkshire mall next weekend? Maybe for an hour or something. We can throw at one of the ends where there’s a bridge with the little fountain. Maybe even this Saturday December 1st?

I think we should do it here in Kutztown University. In my dorm we have a Rec Room I could rent out for a few hours. I think an hour is super short for a meet up. Plus its only a few more minutes for you and It’ll be more private. I don’t really like going to public places for yoyo meets

Kutztown will do. This weekend?

This weekend would be cool. You got a cell number? PM me it

This weekend at Kutztown? Can I come?

You can come too man!

If you want to contact me pm me your number and ill text you

Doo it! Are you in pa? If so, where are you located?

I’m in Quakertown

he lives in quakertown…he’s said before. I hope you can make it too Mr.Squirrel

I don’t really know where that is. Haha, but at hope you can make it. So Saturday seems like a day that works. What time works best for you Joey? If you don’t have a specific time that works, then choose a time. Ha

It’s half way between Philly and Allentown

Anytime works for me andrew!

Alright, I’ll talk to my boys tomorrow. I feel like either 1 or 2 is a nice time to have it.