ladder escape question

hi, so i just learned ladder escape and i can do the trick (im really slow on the slack part though) and i had a question about the last step. when i land in that green triangle, well my triangle isnt a normal green triangle. the little ‘knot’ on top of the green triangle looks different than normal. the string has an extra twist making that part of the triangle look different. its hard to explain but i did the best i could. am i doing the trick right?

Its normal, your doing it fine.

thanks :slight_smile:

i guess you like chloe moretz huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, it’s normal. It whips a double wrap.

What do you mean? This is happening to me too and I don’t think it’s right.

Not every GT you’ll run into will be a perfect one. Many will have twists and double wraps.
If you can dismount the GT without a knot, you’re doing it right. (If you have a few twists, it’s fine.)

Is there any way to fix the twists? (sorry if I’m being annoying)

Unless you do Ladder Escape a different way, then no, there is not a way to “fix” this (it’s not really a problem). You’re not being annoying, it’s just a question.

Woah, I just noticed the little necro there.

Little necro? It’s been almost a year! :stuck_out_tongue:

ummmm thanks but your kinda a year late…

Well, I’ve seen some necros that happen like 4 years after the thread was created.


On another forum, I saw one from like '06…