L3 stacks problem

Ok so I got an L3 a while ago, didn’t really notice any problems. I now noticed that the axle nub thing for the bearing for the stack on one side is very slightly too small so the stack slides easily along it and the cut o-ring that is supposed to hold it on comes off very easily. I have tried switching the stacks and it’s still like that. Has anyone else had this problem? Did you fix it and, if so, how? Would anybody know if getting another o-ring the same size but not cut would fix the problem?

probably a factory problem,IDK how to fix it,sorry :frowning:

Yeah I think it is a factory problem but maybe somebody knows some little thing to do to make it work.

well,that person isnt me,sorry,good luck trying to find help!!!

Ha ok thanks gm.

See this is one problem you get if you buy Auldey yoyos. Although the L3 isn’t a bootleg itself, the yoyo is shipped out of china with a bootlegged hubstack system and a bootlegged KK bearing. I believe that yoyoz.co.uk take these parts out before they sell the yoyo. But this does not mean that these systems are quality controlled.

I don’t think that you have big chances of getting good customer support from Auldey. As said Auldey is a bootleg company trying to do nothing else than making money. Opposite from a lot of other companies, who does their best to make flawless products for their customers.

Addment: I don’t see a way for you to fix this. You can try to get in contact with Auldey, but there’s not too much you can do about it.

Hahaha. If I remember correctly, I remember a post where someone said that Auldey had decent Customer Service.