Kuntosh awesomeness + bearing question

So, I got a Kuntosh, and it is really awesome. I am particularly impressed with how quiet it is (though it seems to go through brief periods when it is louder). I also noticed that the bearing is very loose in the yoyo - unlike other yoyos where i need a tool to remove it, it just falls right out. Is that normal?

Is the quietness solely the property of the bearing, or is it the bearing + other Kuntosh properties?

If I use the 10-ball bearing in other yoyos (like the Steel or Kenshin) - will they be just as quiet and perform just as well as they currently do (i.e. will the Steel be just as stable and long spinning with the 10-ball bearing as it currently is)?

is there center-track bearing that is as quiet?


The loose bearing is not a concern. More yoyos should have that. It wasn’t until relatively recently that YYF and a few others started making the bearing a tight fit and requiring a tool to remove them.

That’s just a marketing scheme to sell bearing removal tools :wink: just kidding, they probably have a good reason as to why.

Yes, that’s what they claim, but I have a number of great playing dif-e-yos, anti-yos and others that do not require a tool to remove the bearing. So maybe it is a ploy to sell the tools. ???

A tighter fit between the bearing inner race and the bearing post is a relatively easy way to reduce design-induced or manufacturing-induced vibe (For those of you who understand all the processes involved in machining and assembling all the bits, just think about the potential for vibe on a bimetal). Over time, a tight bearing post will tend to gall the more the bearing is removed and reinstalled, causing the bearing to bearing post interference to loosen up, thereby reducing its ability to to dampen the vibe.


very normal, indeed should always be so
in general, in some cases it also depends on the bearing brand … in equal measure not all “fit” in the same way

Thanks, that is good to know.

will the 10-ball bearing make other throws just as quiet while maintaining their great performance (I am thinking, in particular about the Kenshin and Steel).


Bearing noise is more dependent on the bearing than the yo-yo, and it’s kind of random which bearings are loud/quiet.

Try it out in your other yo-yos, see how you like it.


Yeah, I know. Actually some of my legacy YYJ plastic models need a tool to remove the bearing.