Kraken Mount Trick Help

The kraken mount trick, I have got up to the bit where you go over the top and land on the front string after you get into the mount, round about 1:20

It is to fast to see what is happening

The kraken mount looks to me like a gt… And some of the other mounts he did have already been invented, and i invented somethingvery close to his simple man + bro mount… but no, i don’t know what he did in the trick…

Yeh the kraken mount is a gt, and I got that down easy I’m just confused at what he did in the trick.

I’m trying to learn it but I cant figure it out.Ok so this point of of view is coming from your own eyes.You throw a trapeze pop it up over all your NTH 5 fingers take your throw hand and wrap the string once the side of the yoyo farthest away from you then wat? ???

I got into the mount but then you dismount go over the top from the side closest to you and land on the furthest string.

oh, k i figured it out… i don’t know how i’m gonna explain it now, ok after your get into the mount were he pushes in and lands it on the string from the gt, you pop it off the string (useing your middle finger to hold the string) and swing it behind the whole formation, and then land on the front string. Then you pop it off again and land it on the same string (basically do a circle). THen dismount, and make a reverse trapeze around your th index. Like you would do in a trapeze and bro, then dismount the whole thing.

thanks, while trying to figure the whole thing out I came up with a tower,

Do the mount, hop of and go round the back and land on the front string, drop the string off of your NTH middle finger, put the loop on your NTH index finger on your NTH thumb, dismount and go into a little trapeze on the left hand side, then go round the back and land on the string coming in from your TH middle finger, drop the string off of your NTH middle finger, reinsert NTH index finger into the loop where your thumb was, twist round and rearrange into a tower!

Hope that wasn’t hard to understand, it flows quite smoothly once you got it down though, good luck!

did your figure out the trick though?

Nearly got it down, just giving it the once over!

Have you tried the tower?