Koss Mirage Earbuds

(WildCat23) #1

So My mom has some Staples in-store credit and I accidentally broke my last pair of earbuds. I am planning on getting these because they are supposed to be good for the money. Has anyone tried these before?


Did a quick search, and there isn’t much on those earbuds, besides an amazon rating.

If you want a really good deal for your money, while you can’t use staples credits for them, Monoprice headphones are incredible, particularly these ones:


They’re about 7 bucks each, and for me, it’s overnight shipping for around $1. Best in-ear headphones I’ve ever tried, they’re way better than beats, etc. If you don’t believe me:

Try out a pair.


Those look awesome. I think I’ll have to order a pair or two. I need some new earbuds considering I’ve been using the ones that came with my Ipod and they are falling apart.

(WildCat23) #4

I know that if I want a good deal, I can’t use staples credit.  Thing is, with staples credit, I get them for basically free.

I’ll look into those headphones you linked.

(WildCat23) #5

So I just got them. Good headphones. Much better than my SkullCandies for a few bucks more.