Konkave bearing.

can someone here give me the packaging of the KonKave bearing?
because I’m curious.

please! :smiley:

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It comes in a little baggie with a sticker of it saying “Dif-E -Yo Bearing” or something like that…

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It depends. Mine from YYN just came with a tiny zip log bag, but it didn’t have any writing on it. From YYE, it might look like this.

From YYE:

For me from YYN, the bag didn’t have a sticker.

From DocRobot, when he offered a certain someone a yoyo.

Wow!, a Lyn Fury, I’m pretty sure that you also play it with a konkave bearing right?
For your estimation, and also your strong throw how long does the Lyn sleep? Without KK bearing (so YYJ stock bearing) and with bearing?.

My throw can get 2 minutes out of it, but samad could probably get 5 mins.

You just wanted to see how it was packaged? Well then I guess your question is answered.

Sleep time with any yoyo is all in the person throwing it. A beginner might get 30 seconds while a pro could get 2 or 3 minutes with the exact same yoyo.