KonKave shape?


What is it?
I hear people talking about it,I get cofused…


concave is the )( shape i think. You see that on butterfly shaped yoyos and on kk bearings.


thanks,thats what I thought too,just wanted to make sure.


knokave means the bearing is well concave in the middle of the Bearing so it centers the string. Thus keeping the string off the inside-walls of your yo yo increasing spin time, unresponsiveness and smoothness. KonKave bearings are made by Dif-E-Yo and are around 15 bucks. In the pro-yo-yoing world concave bearings are vary popular. you can buy them here and i have a picture of one here.

see the curve in the bearing. well later.
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I know what a KK bearing is,I wanted to know if the shape of the yoyo was based on the bearing,not what a KK shape of the bearing is.locked