Being a new member to this forum and just recently contributing here, I’ve read different opinions about which bearings are the best and the answer will probably be debated forever and ever, just like which cars are the best, or if pepsi beats coke, etc etc. Players who have them obviously already know what they look like but for those who haven’t tried out the concave type, I decided to photograph all three for you to look at so you can see that there really is a difference between the CBC central trac and the Difeo Konkave bearing.

The first bearing starting on the left IS the CBC Central Trac. As you will see, there is a completely flat center to it with angled edges. The second bearing is a YYJam Standard flat, and the third bearing is the Difeo KK. And as you will see that one has a completely smooth shallow U shape, without the flat bottom as in the CBC.

In my experience, both concave designs work nice, are long spinning, provide great balance in keeping your string away from the yoyo walls. The KK tends to overlap the string a little more because of the U shape and the CBC allows more width in space for the string to overlap because of its flat bottom. This is more noticeable with the use of thin string.

On all my yoyos the concave helps me with both balance and extra spin time, say around 20 more seconds on average. Mainly because flat bearings provide less balance than the concave ones do being that the string moves from side to side etc. So when I put the concave type in, problem resolved and with a bit more unresponsiveness too.

Ultimately direct experience and personal preference is the answer, However I do hope this pic comparison can help.

Good Luck-

Thanks for the close up pic’s.

Your Welcome, I hope it helps!!

Nice, thanks for the good photo!
Im kinda new and I’ve seen some flat bearings with a groove cut in the center, does anybody have any info on these?

that called grooved bearing, i think they came stadard with crucial yoyos.

If your 888 tilted and spun out in 40 sec, it’s your throw. My G5 had a flat bearing on it for a long time, and I only changed to to the impossible shield placement -yes, I know how to remove them- for a proper cleaning-. I never had an issue with tilt at all.

My Dv888, Electric Daisy, ENEME, Atmosphere, Atmosphere, X-Convict, Black Knight, Big Yo (Yes, for 1a for teh lulz), G5, and every other yoyo I’ve tried, all had flat bearings. All worked fine.

I find KK’s and CT’s to provide no more spin time than my YYF SPEC’s or my YYJ Speed bearing.

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thanks for sharing your experience…

I concur with DG. 40 seconds, work on your throw. No offense meant.
I have to add: If you have a spare 30 bucks get the Ceramic KK. When lubed to Dif-e-yo’s recomendation you wont regret buying it!

Thx for the posts! Not withstanding the good advice, I modified this topic a bit because I don’t want the focus on my throw to distract from the differences and performance of the bearings pictured here. Thanks again!

Maybe someone could post a photo of that groove bearing if they have it, to add to this.


Here’s a pic of the Crucial Concave Grooved (Left) AND Crucial Grooved (Right)