Knife persons of YYE.


After reading a debate about knives in another topic, I was wondering, is anyone else here in to knives? I’ve been in to/collecting knives for a few years, and I just love everything about it.

I just ordered a RAT Izula (which I’ve been wanting forever!), and a Benchmade Auto Triage.

Feel free to post anything about knives here, such as your collection, queries, and anything of that sort. As a question, I would like to ask, what knives do you guys use as an EDC? Personally, I love my Benchmade 556 Mini-Griptillian. It rocks! :slight_smile:


Not really a knife enthusiast or anything, but I find them fascinating. Whenever I see a display of knives, I find myself wanting one. I never do, because I don’t know what I’d do with it mainly. I’m not even sure what the laws are up here in Ottawa, but certainly there’s not a culture that would see having an EDC as acceptable.

Like the many people, I think it started with an interest in swords… especially as depicted in martial arts movies or swords-and-sorcery fantasy novels. I always wanted a REAL katana. For a while, even wanted to study iaido. Alas, not gonna happen for me. :wink: Maybe a real tanto some day!


Kershaw 1660CKT and a SOG Trident.

I actually got a set of swords from some random shop in the mountains a few years ago, need to be sharpened though. I didn’t feel the need to do that, but I may once North America is attacked by samurai.

I would love to get a set of throwing knives, and a medieval dagger if I can find one.


I think it’s an interesting hobby, something I could get into if I didn’t have too many hobbies already.

But, I am a big fan of nice “multi-tools,” which include a knife…specifically leatherman tools, with all those different things crammed into one design. It always fascinates me, and they always come in handy. I keep several models around, one in my pocket for work, one at home, and one in the car. It saved me many times.

I own a pocket knife or two, but nothing special, beyond Swiss Army type stuff. Nice topic. If you guys have photos let’s see…I’m curious.


TA, those kinds of gadgets are awesome. Last time I went to Mountain Equipment Co-Op, I walked out with a Gerber Curve… because, well, I needed/wanted a new yoyo string cutter for my carabiner. :wink:


I had a Spyderco Ambitious for regular knife usage.

But it’s gone now.

As of now, I have a Swiss army knife, and this gerber knife.

I need more knives. I have been looking at BudK website and they have good deals.


I use this - Buck 0503RWS, 2.5 in. blade. All I need.


Very cool topic!!! I have a TON of stuff… I will get some pics posted when I get home!!


There’s mine


Leatherman recently came out with this awesome multitool called the OHT. Usually, I prefer regular old knives because you can get better strength, higher quality baldes, etc, but this thing is a monster. I NEED one, stat! A friend of mine has one, and everything just clicks so well.

Below is a stock photo of the OHT (I can’t post my own pictures now, I’m on a trip):


It might not be a good idea to get alot of knives or swords with kids around too.


I have a pair of kunai


That is sick! I have to have one now. :smiley: It looks great. You have good taste.


I love knives. I don’t use em often but I do collect.
Nothing too fancy really, I have a Spyderco Tenacious, which has a great feeling to it when you hold it.
Also have two gerber paraframes, one of them being the little mini one.
I had a Kershaw Cryo too, I loved the feeling of the assist opening, but traded it for a Kershaw onion chive or something like that. That’s my edc, because it has a safety, just incase I have anything extra in my pocket. I’ll post pictures tonight :smiley:


They are cool, and I wouldn’t mind having a few nice pocket knifes around, really nice ones. Well, here is the mediocre stuff I have now:

My everyday Swiss Army…nothing special, but gets a lot of use:

This is some cheapie…can’t remember if someone gave it to me, I found it or what. Cool looking blade though:

My first Leatherman tool that I bought. I have a double of this, so this one is pristine:

This leatherman I carry to work, just has basics in it, but it has the hand grip that is very comfy:

Knives don’t fit in the photo box good :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my largest Leatherman called the Wave: I have used it some, and need to lubricate it somehow…

My good friend’s daughter, a college student, got a Summer job selling knives for Cutco. So, to offer my support on her sales job, I got this gift set. I had to have these scissors because they come apart :smiley: I love this pair of scissors…cost me $100 (one yo-yo). The knife in the set is cool too, I like how the blade goes all the way through the handle. Good quality. I may get the complete set in the future…you never know:

Sorry about the photos, not my usual, just took some real quick to give you an idea.

(Owen) #16

I use this one cool knife to cut my food. I got it from Target I think its called “The Butter Knife” or something like that.

(JET) #17

Yup, Benchmade- a OTF, and pardue 530

Kershaw- BSA knive (i dont know the name)

And my FAV SPYDERCO!- Salt hawkbill H1 ladybug, OG tasman proto, police stainless steel proto,OG police model, and my cricket for keychain use, all are fully serrated.


I’ve always been into knives but tend to lose them so I don’t go crazy with some of the really high end ones. I carry a Kershaw Vapor or Vapor 3 with almost everywhere I go. My next one will be a SpyderCo though I think. I’ve recently started following @bladehq and @knifethursday on instagram. I definitely recommend giving their profiles a look. So much cool stuff on there.