What else do you collect besides yoyos?

(WildCat23) #2

Guitars, and pedals.


stuffed animals ;D
gemstones (rough though cause thats when they look the best!)
presidential dollar 1 coins (kinda sort of its really a half baked collection i would like to complete one day)
old yoyo string
Fossilized shark teeth and fossils in general.




Mechanical Mods, Fountain pens, and tools to fix both of them.


I dont collect anything really. And you cant really call my yoyos a “Collection”. Its more a bunch of random yoyos.

My sister used to collect stuffed animals. She would play with them for a while then just toss them in a pile and forget about it. She had like 60 something or more at one point. Crazy.




I know a few people who collect knives and have always thought it was pretty neat. I always have a nice knife handy, but as a part of a Leatherman Wingman that I just take good care of. I would very much like to get a very small, very high-quality EDC style knife, but haven’t found one that seems comfortable to have attached to a keychain or my belt.

Any recommendations?


I collect hotwheels myself. really cool hobby I’d recommend it.


My gf collects rocks. way cheaper than my yoyos :wink:


What era of hot wheels do you collect?


I collect vintage video games. Atari, Nintendos, super Nintendos , Sega genesis,
stuff like that


Petrified wood.


Now, it’s just yo-yos.

I used to collect figures of music celebrities. I tried to find really good ones like the McFarlane ones, but that dried up. I was working on decorating a music studio. I still have some great ones, Tupac, Eminem, Metallica, Slash, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and the list goes on.

I have a nice cube collection too, but it’s mostly 3x3s. I still play the cubes, but lost interest in the collecting aspect of it.

I have 9 guitars, but I don’t call that a collection. They are mostly bass, but electric, acoustic, travel size, and mainly encompass variety. I haven’t bought a new one in years.

Otherwise, in my lifetime, besides buying a lot of music, that sums it up.


rocks/gemstones unique sediment w/e you would like to say. Pieces…if you know what i mean. nice pieces. i collect ashtrays and pins as well, like pins that you put on your shirt, just to ellaborate on that.and i have a alright knife collection. And i used to collect old Baum books, like tales of Oz books and such, but my stoopid Ex took em all…


Bottle Caps from micro brew Root and Birch beer, and hats


Get a spyderco grasshopper or one of the other knives from their mini series. I have a bug, and its razor sharp and keeps its edge pretty well and is a great little package opener :slight_smile:


Also if you have a low budget, check out chinese folder brands like sanrenmu, ganzo or Enlan&Bee (<$15). I personally own a sanrenmu 763 and a CRKT Ripple. The Sanrenmu is really nice and razor sharp, but I also like my ripple for its fast flipper deployment.


I collect anything harry potter been doing it since I was like 3. I also collect zippo lighters,and I love to read so I have like 70 books I guess u can call that a collection,and I myself have like 20-25 video games but counting the ones my brothers have too then we have about I’m guessing 70 video games,and I collect airsoft guns too.


My main other collection is comics. I have thousands and thousands of bagged and boarded comics. Have a fairly extensive Magic the Gathering collection as well. Oh…and I guess I have a Transformers room in my house and a J.R.R. Tolkien room as well.