yo-yo collection

ok well I am realy new to the yo-yo world so I want to know from some of you that have been yoyo’ing for years. Whats in your collection? and what should i add to mine???

get some limited edtion yoyos or splash etc. those are good for a collection and later sell for more money if mint

im new and i admit that i probably shouldnt do this but i sell my yoyos so i dont ever have more than four at a time

are you collecting to turn a profit? cuz i just collect for fun (and to have a sweet collection) and i pretty much keep every yoyo i buy, still have my first duncan butterfly even. and i just buy any yoyo i want bad enough to give myself a good excuse to buy. i have 10 total at the moment most duncan (its what i can find in town). only 3 are metal and they are a duncan metal zero, yyf MVP, spyy addiction. my eventual goal is to own a high quality yoyo from every high quality yoyo company, to own a pocket yoyo all the way up to an over-sized yoyo. i guess what im trying to say is if you are just collecting for you and not to turn a profit then just buy stuff you like and watch it grow. if you are collecting for some other reason the there is all kinds of special editions all over, you could always pick some of those up

not for profit just for fun… but i do want to get some special aditions

I have two words: General-Yo YoYos.

two more words Buzz on

they may be outa business, but keep an eye open in the buy sell trade, and ebay. These yo’s were some of the smoothest players I have ever used.

I’ve got:
MVP x 2
Genesis x 2
401k x 2
Turning Point
Bear vs Man
a couple FHZ’s
a couple FH2’s
a renegade

Basically, yoyos I use in contests and yoyos that I enjoy playing. If you like competing, get 2 of your favorite yoyos to compete with (or 4 if you do 2a or 3a and several if you do 4a haha) and let the rest be whatever yoyos you like to play with.