Yoyo collection


I was wondering how to star a yoyo collection? I be been think that I’m going to buy these yoyos and how am I going to figure out which yoyo should i use?so I’m saying I’m going to buy yoyos and I’m not going to even play with them I’m only going to play with.so any ideas on how should i collect and play with them too?


This statement is a little bit confusing, but if you buy them you definitely need to play with them. A yoyo collection is a collection of toys. It doesn’t matter if the toys cost $10 or $500. They’re toys and need to be thrown and played with. People intentionally ding $500 titanium yoyos on concrete to watch them spark. These are toys first and foremost. PLAY.

The more broad answer to your main question, how to start a collection, is to start small. There are so many affordable, enjoyable yoyos out there. Buy something cheap that you like, once you master it, buy a couple more, keep working your way up until you’ve developed a taste for what you like, whether it’s a specific manufacturer, specific shape, size, weight, color, etc…you’ll develop your own preferences soon enough, but first and foremost, play. A yoyo that is never thrown is the saddest and most mistreated yoyo in the world.


Buy ones you like,
then use them as much as you can!


Best statement ever


I disagree, and have a totally different ideology about the mint rarely played throw. When it comes to yo-yos, there are some bummy ones, not too good looking, but been there for you (beater), and there are those that are mint and well taken care of and really great looking (mint aka supermodel). Both are loved for what they bring to the table. One has just doesn’t care about it’s looks as much as the other. You can love a yo-yo that has been through it with you, the thick and thin, but doesn’t look so great. Or, you can love one that looks great, and enjoy it for it’s looks. There’s nothing wrong with a little eye candy. Both can be loved. Does this sound familiar? I wonder if anyone has caught on. :smiley: But, in life, I have taken pleasure in what both have to offer. ;D


Why not collect paintings if you’re only going to look at them.


^ Maybe because they are paintings, and I’m not into paintings. Or, because it’s my money and I’ll do what I want with my money. Both really good reasons. Choose either one, or both.


Why does it matter to you? If there weren’t collectors, people who like amazing colors and splashes and like to look at them, yo-yo manufacturers wouldn’t sell anywhere near the numbers they do now so they wouldn’t make anywhere near the number of colors and designs. The fact is, for the most part it’s collectors who have the money in this hobby.


I agree. I can understand a point of view about what others choose to do with their yo-yos, when it is different from my own view, but there is something that intrigues me about topics such as this. There are a number of people who are very preoccupied with what other people choose to do with their own stuff, or how they choose to spend their own money. I’ve seen people argue that “it’s just a toy,” yet they discuss the yo-yos as though they have feelings and will get lonely if they don’t get played with enough. I’d like to know, which one is it? Just a toy, or does it have feelings and long to be played? :-\

Without a doubt, people who spend a lot of money on yo-yos that they barely play, the collectors, funnel most of the money into the industry and give manufacturers incentive to make new yo-yos. We do keep the industry booming. Then, on the rare occasion when we filter out our collection, to make room for new retail stuff, we let our old throws trickle down to the complainers who are typically hanging out in the BST waiting to get the mint fresh throws for less. Those throws we pampered turn into a sweet deal for them, the same throws they complain were not played enough. So, with all this collecting we do, everyone benefits. The manufacturers, the retailers…and the haters who are waiting thirsty in the BST. :smiley:


You don’t have to like how others derive their joy from yoyoing but you should respect it in whatever form its in… throwing, Collecting, Enjoying it for the artistic look as it sits on a wall or in a case.

Do what makes YOU happy, and don’t hate on what makes others happy. everyone is here because they love yoyos in one way or another.