klean strip safer paint thinner

this is just an F.Y.I. im 13, so my mom didnt want me to buy industrial acetone or mineral spirits. i tried to reason with her, but she met me with a big NO. so she bought me the safer paint thinner stuff. i was worried it wasnt strong enough to clean the bearing. my bearing was really gunky, so i decided to experiment. i gave the bearing a good 10 minute soak, followed by a nice canned air treatment. i wanted to post this as a recommendation to those will little kids, or people who want to be eco-friendly. the stuff works as well as acetone and mineral spirits! (each of my 2 friends use one or the other for their bearings, if youre wondering how i know) the stuff hurts less on skin, is non flammable, LESS toxic to the enviroment and smells half as bad. plus, iys white, so you know if there is paint thinner left in the bearing while drying it. so if people feel eco friendly or have kids or pets or something like that, this stuff is for you!

Glad it worked for you. My own preference is lighter fluid. Probably no less toxic than normal paint thinner in your mom’s view.