odorless mineral spirits??

Has anyone used odorless mineral spirits or is there something in it that makes it odorless that can cause a problem w/ the bearing? I live in a small apartment w/ kids and I don’t want them getting dizzy from the fumes.


It works for bearing cleaning (atleast mine did) but it’s not really odorless, it smells really bad actually.

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It doesn’t really matter whether you get “odorless” or regular mineral spirits. Both work for cleaaning and both stink pretty bad. Not using it indoors is your best bet.

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Cool, thanks, I just wanted to make sure before I messed something up.

I totally understand. Better to be safe than sorry, usually. :wink:

Any solvent is fine as long as it doesn´t contain water. Water will tarnish and rust your bearing.

i got the ‘klean strip’ odorless mineral spirits as well. it actually says something like ‘mineral spirit alternative’ or something like that, and the liquid itself is opaque white, looks like milk. i washed my bearings with it the other dya and it seems ok, i just hope it doesnt screw anything up for the future. can you guys confirm that this klean strip brand works well?

You’ll find out relatively soon whether it worked or not.

Please don’t bring back old threads. Thanks.