KK Bearing Problem! (Problem with cleaning bearing!) Please HELP!

I resently just bought some mineral spirits from Lows. I cleaned it and followed the exact steps as JD ican haz yoyo did in his cool cleaning video. The problem is, is that the mineral spirits i bought said non flamable and that probalbly means it donst have solvent. It is also odorless. It also says it is less iritating on hands. When I poured it into the jar, it was a white milky color. When I finished my cleaning prosess, I tried it out, I could not tell any differance. (The reason I cleaned it was because it was very snagy! It also never supprised me in sleep time even though it has a kk.) After you clean a bearing, does it need time to break in again? (I broke in the bearing before I cleaned it.) If this mineral spirits I bought is a load of bird droppings can i clean my bearing with my dads strait out paint thinner or WD-40? (My yoyo is the x convict)

Thank You, James :wink:

Clean it with different mineral spirits.

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Well, if it says paint thinner on the mineral spirits container, then it would still have it, but I don’t know why it would be white. After you clean it, it is recommended you put a bit of lube in and then break it in, but if you don’t lube it then it doesn’t need to be broken in. You don’t want to clean bearings much because they will start to break down but if you clean it again you could use lighter fluid. I don’t think WD-40 would be good.

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The bottle does not say paint thinner any where on it. I luped it too. And uhhh… would lighter fluid be good? I thougt it was bad for it?

Is this the Mineral Spirits you have?

Anyway, yes, you do have to break in the bearing after you clean it. But make sure you dry the bearing COMPLETELY. If it isn’t completely dried, it won’t spin nearly as long.

And no, you cannot use WD-40 to clean a yoyo bearing.

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The mineral spirits that you have bought may have been a mixture of mineral spirits and something else. Check if that is the case.

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Here is a pic of it. I dried the bearing completly. :wink:

I don’t think it would work. It said it had newable content, so I assume that it is made of different ingredients.

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Should I return it and get the mineral spirits like the one pic Samad posted. (I saw that one at Lows.)
Or, should I use flat out paint thinner or WD-40?

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Get the one in the Pic. WD-40 does not work at ALL. It will kill your bearing.

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Thanks for using my post, but that video is just one that I found ;D

About your mineral spirits, I would go back and ask for the one that would rip the paint off a wall. The safer it is for your hands, the less it will work when cleaning a bearing.

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Oh, I thought it was you! lol! Yeah, im gonna get the one in Samads post, I saw that one at Lows, I almost got it but I got the other one because it was 2 bucks cheeper.

todays my bday, whoohoo! (see you guys at dxl!) (im getting there kinda early and for a while i’ll be hangin around ernie, claiming my dxl 5 star!) :wink: (I wont be on here after about 2 hours, i’ll be gettin ready for dxl!)

see you laters!

If mineral spirits are proving to be too much trouble, a can of Zippo fluid will solve your problem, headache free.

I use lighter fluid to clean my bearings and it my bearings work fine but after a long time wax can build up in the bearing

Here is your problem, you’re using a KK bearing… Just get a Stainless Steel bearing or a SPEC bearing, they’re the best imo.