Will this paint thinner work for bearings?

I bought some Klean strip green paint thinner, but one thing that concerns me is that on the back, it says it has a “milky white” coloring.
Do paint thinners/mineral spirits generally come like this?

Also, is mineral spirits ether than paint thinner or vice verse?

It might but my guess is no. You need a solvent based thinner like mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. Acetone or lighter fluid (as in zippo) works well too.

I’ve tried that stuff before, didn’t work well at all compared to the standard non-healthy stuff. Left a film on the bearings.

When in doubt just try an evaporation test; place a small amount of the paint thinner in a clear glass or bowl and let it evaporate (shouldn’t take too long, paint thinner evaporates quickly). If there is any residue or film leftover on the glass once the liquid evaporates then it probably isn’t great for cleaning a bearing since that residue will be left behind in the bearing.