Question! (bearing cleaning)

Can I clean my bearing with paint thinner? ???


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yes you can, but i wouldn’t recommend it. Sometimes paint thinner can leave a residue on the bearing.

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That’s just B.S.


Yeah, I clean my bearings in paint thinner all the time and I have never noticed any residue on a bearing.

I clear my bearings in mineral spirits, which is paint thinner. I can’t see any problems. I also got a quart of acetone and will clean my next batch of bearings using that so I can compare.

I prefer acetone. I have used mineral spirits, acetone and lighter fluid for cleaning and in my experience acetone delivers the best results.

But make sure it is pure acetone not nail polish remover that has added chemicals that can leave a residue.

Paint thinner is actually mineral spirits with additives that vary by manufacturer. I used to work as a carpenter and used paint thinner for degreasing and mineral spirits to thin paint since it was usually more stable and reliable. Paint thinner can leave a residue on surfaces but that really only applies to surfaces that are more porous and absorb the additives so with a bearing you really have nothing to worry about and it should do a fine job.

Personally I use acetone but if I’m out paint thinner or mineral spirits work just as well. Don’t stress over the residue, its really not an issue with any metal surface. If you’re worried, use acetone. But with any of them make sure your in a well ventilated area.

Well, if you use it for degreasing, that’s just grease left behind.

Acetone is cheap and works. I use lighter fluid now though it doesnt mess up plastic and paints like thinner and acetone can. Not thats usually a problem just clean your bearings away from stuff you dont want to mess up just in case it gets spilled or something. Also make sure its evaporated out before it goes back into the yoyo.

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