Can someone explain why KK’s make suiciding harder please?

In my experience I have never encountered a difficulty with suicide catches that have any connection to my bearing while utilizes a concave bearing

I thought KK’s help suicides.

If they do male them harder, then it would be because they make the loop smaller as they hold the string away from the response and it is the response that holds the string.

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When i do suicides i can never get the loop to open up i think its because of the kk.

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kk’s actually make the center of the bearing smaller the bigger the center of the bearing the bigger your loop. because of the dip in the center of the kk it is much smaller inn the center compared to a c size bearing. with practice you can get used to this and your suicides will be as easy as they can be for you.!!! swing wider and hold your throw hand closer to the yoyo in the air… that worked for me anyway! good luck

You need a certain amount of friction to hold the loop in place when doing suicide.

As KKs centre the string, there is less friction and the loop tends to slip through.

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its the friction against the response system that makes it. if i have a bearing the size of a comp, and its a kk, and it wont touch the walls, itll keep it closed, if its flat, itll open

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If you’ve ever looked closely at a KK bearing you will see that the OD is not appreciably smaller than a standard C sized bearing. The concavity is subtle.


After reading this I was off to practice and I found that holding your throw hand closer to the yoyo and pulling the string so it could touch the side of the yoyo opened my loop up … this technique worked for standard bearings aswell

also= tilt and less spin

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