KK bearings & Synergy Caps for [YYJ] Legacy

Hey. Awhile back, I bought a YYJ Legacy. I was looking into the accessories on here, and I noticed the KKBearing is available. What size should I get?

Also, for the Synergy Caps, I noticed the Legacy wasn’t stated as being fitted for it. Is this correct?

Size C.

The Legacy wasn’t said to be fitted for it because of the metal weight rings. They can trap the Synergy Caps, making them really hard to get out.

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Alright, thanks.

Another question…
Seeing as how the inside of the Legacy is boring, would it hurt the metal weights to write on them in sharpie?

EDIT: I am looking at the KK bearings, and there is no Size definition. Only YYJ/YYF (Which I would assume would fit the Legacy) But it says “Large bearings”. Does the Legacy have a large bearing?

Yes, get the YYF/YYJ size bearing, the Legacy is a large earing.

No, it wouldn’t really affect the Legacy if you wrote on the weight rings, but I would just keep the caps on.

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