kk bearing with x-convict?

would a kk bearing work good with an
x-convict because i might get one
with my x-convict

The KonKave bearings do fit tight in X-ConVicts. Yes, they do work, but they fit very tight.

It will work just fine!

Fitting tight really has to do with how thick the bearing seat is. It will differ from yoyo to yoyo. Not much difference, but there may be slight differences. My kk fits loosely on my hitman, but tight on my meteor.

yeah thats weird on my x convict if I unscrew my yoyo the bearing will sometimes even fall out lol it fits really loose

I had one in my X-Convict and I really liked it. It made a nice noise. Hope you will like it too.

Just like my YoYoJam bearing in my 09’ eight8eight. Loud.