KonKave Bearing

I just ordered a konkave bearing for my hitman and I have a couple of questions. Does the kk bearing need breaking in? And do you have to thin lube it to work at its best? Thanks.

Yes, you need to break it in, and you can do thin lube, but I don’t recommend it.

do konkave bearings work for all types of yoyos?

well some company’s use different sized bearings but i thing dif-e-yo makes kks for yoyojam, Duncan and of course dif-e-yo. the mane one use though is probably the large size. its use for alot of yoyojams bearing and is probably the best in my opinion.

kks do need breaking in. so just play with it for awhile and it should be good. kks are already thin lubed so i wouldn’t over lube it. you can clean it if you like though. other than that a kk should work fine out of the package. later.

keep it spinning

Also, they just made a KK for ILYY’s and another company, I think H-Spin.

Thanks for the help.