kk bearing responsive?

today i just cleaned my kk bearing with lighter fluid and spin it on top of a pencil for 5 minutes to dry it.then i put some thin lube and again spin it on a pencil but the weird thing is that when i palay with it it is responsive?does this ever happen to anybody and how do i prevent this?

How much thin lube did you put? You only need a tiny, tiny drop in your bearing.

Don’t worry - all bearings are like this after you clean them. You have to break it in after a while.

Anyway, for now, I suggest clean it again, but put a smaller drop of thin lube in. Also, try to use Mineral Spirits, because lighter fluid has something in it that can leave behind a sticky residue, which can slow the bearing down.

Have Fun Throwing,

a drop

and also my bearing now i dont know why doesnt spin that long cause i remember the first time i got it i could do about 25 matrixs but now i can only do 12 because of the spin time…im planning to buy 10 ball bearing but where do you buy it?

That is way too big. Clean it again with mineral spirits, then drop a small drop onto a needle, then put the tiny bit left into the bearing.

Its because of two reasons - One: You put way to much lube in there. Two: You have to break it in.

how long does it take to break in?
and anyway thanks samad cause now its spinning longer

Depends on how much you play with it. Kepp playing, and you will notice it will be better.