Cleaning ball bearing

Hello everybody, I would like to know about ball bearing.When should I clean it?
I opened my Hitmans Hybrid (bran new) bearing and I put it in zippo’s fluid.I dried it and then added a small drop of thin YYJ lube. I closed it and…It looks like now it spins less ???
Did I do something wrong…?

How long did you have it in the lighter fluid i keep mine in for about 10 mins. This way i know for sure all the lube is gone. If you didn’t get all the lube out and then you put lube in then you have more then you started with. If that doesn’t work ask yoyoexpert. Hope it helps, and remember keep it spinning.

You don’t really need to clean it until you need to. =] I would only clean the bearing when it has thick lube in it, or has some foreign material in it.

How did you dry it? You really want to spin the bearing on a pencil top until it is completely dried so there is no residue left from the fluid.

I bet if you play with it a bit longer and “break” it in, it will smooth out and spin alot longer.

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I shaked it in zippo’s fluid for 3 min.I dried it by spinning it on a toothpick ;D( I passed a toothpick through the hole).I puted thin lube and I spinned it again with the toothpick.So you don’t have to clean it untill it spins less…? How do you know that it has thick lube on it? Depends on the brand?
thank you

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Haha. You can tell because, well, it will say it on the bottle.

Another well you can tell is by its viscosity. Simple way of this…if it feels slipperier than the other. If it feels more sticky than slippery and flows slower, its thick. If it flows like water, its thin.

No, he’s asking how can you tell if a bearing already has thick lube in it.

it will be really responsive with thick lube. You could of got something lodged in it if its spinning less. Try spraying some compressed air into it. Always works for me! :slight_smile: