1.) things needed - tissue - your bearing - Lighter Fluid (the gas inside the lighter, That’s what i hear!)

  • tissue - a cute container (just small to put the lighter fluid in it so that the bearing will sink.)

2.) Deshield your bearing then sink to the container with a lighter fluid
    then w8 for 1 hour…

3.) throw the caps (of the bearing) . (that’s is the one my friend says) =]

insert bearing and play!.

(NOTE: i didn’t try it.=])
but i have a positive thinking that it will work!.
(even do the lighter fluid will dry…it won’t turn to responsive again.

So unresposive play!

Happy Throwing!
God Bless!

thats not an alternative to thin lube, thats cleaning the bearing. Cleaning the bearing is basically getting rid of lube, while thin lubing is lubing it. lubing makes it more responsive, or just spin smoother and less noisy, while cleaning makes it completely dry, and spin way better than lubing.

Note: Thin lubing makes cleaned bearings more responsive.

YoYoing Is A Talent Given From GOD!.

Isn’t Thin Lubing making it less responsive?

Technically no. If you switch from some factory lubes to thin lube, then yes you are making it less responsive. But, after you clean a bearing, thats as unresponsive as your gonna get. When you add thin lube to it at that point, you are actually making it a bit more responsive, but less than if you were using thick lube. But the point of thin lube it to protect your bearing, and make it a little less noisy.

Can you try it first before you tell us about it? I don’t want to ruin my yoyo while trying to lube it.

If your bearing is broken in, you dont need it. However, if you just got it, and dont want to break in your bearing, you can clean it.

Yes - This is cleaning - I put up a thread here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html