Kitty String price increases?

Anyone know what’s up with the Kitty String price increases here at YYE as well as some other places? Went from around $15.99/100 to $18.99/100, nearly a 20% increase. Still best string for the money there is imo, but kinda disappointing. Just wasn’t sure if it was an exchange rate thing or cost of materials or what.

My guess is for a higher profit, which is why almost every price increase occurs.

I would also guess higher profit. Though I don’t necessarily demonize that motivation. Being able to turn a greater profit also means opportunities like hiring new employees, investing in R&D, having a bigger marketing budget, etc.

You have to spend money to make money… but you also have to HAVE money to spend it. :wink: I’m sure they’re not hurting but maybe they’re ready for a growth period.

Kitty string burrrrns compared to some higher end poly strings. They can raise the price all they want, i still wont be buying it :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably for a higher profit. But I just checked on Yoyobestbuy and its 15.97.

Not the nylon.

Not the nylon.

Lucky me, I bought some 1.5 on the 1st of the month and it was still 15.99

I know! there’s nothing better than putting a $100 plus yoyo on a 16 cent string. It’s always an adrenaline rush. The 19 cent string changes everything! ::slight_smile: (We must be crazy, in a good way. :wink: )

I’ve actually been waiting for string to go up in price for some time, as well as a few other items. I’m not surprised, personally.



How are we going to complain about a $3 increase for 100 strings when we pay $100+ for yoyos…

No one likes a price increase lol but u have a valid point. People flip out at my work cuz the cost of a dozen doughnuts went up $0.20

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$0.20!!! Man this world is coming to an end! :D. But yeah it is not that bad to be honest.

Right lol people get mad cuz it’s not what it used to be. They don’t accept change lol.

The intrinsic value of the additional 3 dollars on their own isn’t a big deal but it is still a relatively large percent increase over the original price (~19%), plus string is also the ONLY yoyo accessory that a player needs to continually purchase unlike additional bearings, lube or any number of other unnecessary gadgets.

Additionally, a lot of people buy bulk stuff because they don’t mind changing/throwing away a string every 30-60 min of play. At some point unless people actually prefer the play of X bulk string over Y boutique string they may very well consider paying 55-75 cents for a string that will last easily 5+ hours of play over a bulk string string that will last 30-60 min. If the price stayed at $18.99 forever I doubt many people will truly care, if the price eventually crept up to something like $24.99 I suspect a decent amount of people would send their money elsewhere.

All that said, people are still mostly just going to buy whatever string they prefer regardless of price. Personally, the way string feels/plays has a much larger impact on how much I enjoy playing a yoyo than whether it has a $5 or $25 bearing in it so I don’t mind spending a premium price for a string that I feel balances all the things I care most about in how a string plays and feels along with lasting a long time since I hate changing strings. Of course others are the opposite and happily change string multiple times a day to keep that new string bounce going forever.

tl;dr. 19% is a big increase…but ppl are gonna buy what they want anyway unless price of their chosen string grossly increases to the point where another string is more worthwhile to them

If you didn’t notice there isn’t that much stock of 100 count strings but plenty of 10 count. With the higher price on 100 it makes the value lost on buying the 10 count less and hopefully cause more people to buy them (even though it is still a pretty wide difference in value but no longer half the price I suppose).

I don’t think the increase will bother me, I can just do an odd job for my mom and get 3 dollars. I need to get string anyway, I’m down to my last 50.

I think it’s YYE boosting the price, Kitty wholesale is $7.50 USD and the integrity price is $15.99-$23 USD.