Kitty Fat vs. first class fat?

I have run out of strings! I know I’m going to buy kitty strings, but it would be my first time using kitty. So should I buy the original tried and true kitty fat, or should I try the new and improved, slightly higher rated kitty string first class fat?

EDIT: I’m officially an idiot, post rescinded. I was thinking of Sochi Fat string, not Kitty Fat. I haven’t tried Kitty string of any flavor.


For reference I’ve only ever used regular polyester and throwback skill toys cage free string.

1st Class Fat is a little stiffer initially and plays consistently a little longer compared to Cage Free

Original Kitty Fat, plays softer and not as stiff, but doesn’t hold tension as long as Cage Free. But the initial string up out of the box is hard to beat OG Kitty on, it feels really good.

Cage Free plays a lot like Knot Bads


I think there are a few threads (wocka wocka) about Kitty FC vs original. Personally, the original ones bind a little easier on slack throws, but to be fair, I’m less than a year into unresponsive so I might not even be doing it correctly. I’d do a little search for that/those earlier posts from when FC first got released. From what I remember there were a few people posting opinions and comparisons.

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Eh they both are kind of lack luster to me and need be replaced quite often, I believe yye has both Sochi fat and original throws fat in stock rn and both offer a more of a boutique feel at a bulk price

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Sochi t string is legit for bulk bulk. YYSL Plutonium is amazing!!

Bad Wolfe Co and Zipline are good boutiques as well.