King Yo Star Canada News

Hello all!
We’ve just released our newest throw, the Prober. It’s a full sized throw, designed for stability, smooth play and long sleep time for those crazy horizontal 5a combos.

“like” our facebook page, we’ll be having a giveaway soon!

Big news!

We have added two players to our team

Welcome Jake Elliot! For those that have been living under a rock, he Won the 5a divion at US nationals this year and is an amazing innovator in the style.

Andrey Tridchikov - Hails from St. Petersburg Russia. Competes and makes videos, all around amazing player to watch.

More details and videos of both of them on our website,

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Even though I didn’t see it coming, congrats Jake!

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We will ever see KYS in U.S stores?

that’s horrible… But hilarious at the same time

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Didn’t jake elliot use that on fox 17 interview thread?

Here is the video

Ther is currently one US store that carries the Prober, I can’t mention it here though, but look around. I am talking to Andre about getting some stock here. Feel free to email and ask him if its going to happen, might help his decision. Because then you could be like Jake!

So proud to have these guys…

…on board as a sponsor for…

Stand a chance to win a King Yo Star K!T:

This all new return top from King Yo Star is exactly what you need to push your play style to the next level. Designed in Canada for the competitive player, this throw is perfect for any style.

Contest details:

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Such an awesome contest, we are glad to be a part of it!

I just realized I missed posting about our latest throw!
The K!T is a full sized throw designed for maximum stability and performance.  It’s made of 7075 aluminum to give it that edge you need to win championships.

Well, I just sent YoyoExpert an email asking them if they could get some of Kingyostar’s throws on their site. I have been wanting one, but I don’t want to pay the international shipping since they are located in Canada. Hopefully they’ll consider it! ;D

Also, if anyone else has been wanting one of Kingyostar’s throws, don’t hesitate to send YoyoExpert an email to help them consider it!

Maybe if we start a revolution, they’ll see how important this is… :stuck_out_tongue: