king yo star KIT??

So I WA lookin around on YouTube when suddenly (da da casa) GregP liked some vid that showed a guy holding a cool looking throw. I watched it and apparently it’s a king yo star kit. I’ve never heard of this. Should I know what it is??? It looks really cool… Do you know what the $$$ will be?

Why don’t you share the video?

Try and contact Jeremy. Since he’s running King Yo Star he should be able to help.

Great 7075 throw. Price is around 60 - 70 dollars, sold directly at the kingyostar website.

A little heavy for my preference but nonetheless, a good throw.

You need to pay more attention to YoYoNews. :wink:

I love my K!T. At 66 grams I always felt that it played light. at $75 for a 7075 throw it’s a steal. Plus the stepped edges in the inner cup look amazing.