FS: Beat KingYoStar Rapid and Prototype T.O.O. Hot for $65 shipped!

Hey Everyone,

I have two yoyos to sell, first up is a beat up KingYoStar Rapid. This thing has considerable damage and a strange pulsating vibe. These things don’t affect play at all, so if you are not bothered by vibe and damage yo can get a killer yoyo at a killer price! This thing might seriously be the best 5A yoyo I have ever used. Looking for 45 shipped.

Next I have a prototype Yoyofactory TOO Hot. This thing plays amazingly and is super smooth! It is labeled a b-grade, but only due to the fact that the whole prototype run was printed this way due to most having a lot of vibe and all that. Thankfully this one does not suffer from the defects and can be yours for 25 shipped!

Buy both yoyos for 65 dollars shipped to you!

Thanks for looking