♔ King ♔


2Sick Yoyos, KING, coming to Yoyo Expert July 18th! :slight_smile:


(Former National 4A Champion) #2

Whoa, sweet! it’s awesome that it’s gonna come to yoyoexpert!

(2Sick Joey) #3

It’s even more awesome completely finished. The proto plays nowhere nearly as good as the production

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

What’s different about it?

(2Sick Joey) #5

No major changes besides a 19mm response. It just feels “finished”.


Looks like a great throw. Any idea on price?

(2Sick Joey) #7

[ author=hobbyman101 link=topic=76125.msg856225#msg856225 =1404746877]
Looks like a great throw. Any idea on price?
$100-$110 depending on colorway :slight_smile:


Phillip! It’s awesome. Glad to see you did well at Ohio and NH States :slight_smile:

(Former National 4A Champion) #9

I played the proto at NER and I loved that a lot! One of the best(if not THE best) throws I’ve ever played.

BTW, one L in my name.


One L in your name, two T’s in your brothers. At least your last name is spelled normal :stuck_out_tongue:

(Former National 4A Champion) #11

Actually, it’s spelled Waite. jk ;D


Philip I believe is the right way to spell it. Oh, and you’re correct that my name has two ts. Stuart. The third t in my username is my middle initial.


So technically it’s 3 t’s. The White’s confuse me.


No. My name is spelled Stuart


I give up :o how are you liking the Gambit?


Great. Btw, good video


Thank you very much, Stuart.




King’s drop this Thursday, July 17th, at YoYoExpert.com