FS/FT: 3 Metal Yoyos for $55 (including shipping) // LF: One Drop

Paypal ONLY

Just bought the Kingyo Star Kit (blue) at PNWR. Don’t really want it as I got way too many yoyos from there.

All three of these for $55 shipped

Kingyo Star Kit - Blue - Made with 7075. Dead smooth. B-grade because of some anno blemishes. Light and floaty, and very long sleeping.
Kingyo Star Scorpion King - Raw - Dead smooth. Beat to heck. Heavy. Very long sleeping.
Magiyoyo N8 - Red - Dead smooth. No pads. Really fun to play with.


More pictures found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/xxe9hgygxcklfoi/EFGAYlasPw

-One Drop Benchmark V