FS/FT: Kingyo Star Scoprion King, Loop1080s, free Kendamas, Magic yo, Hubstack

US Only
Paypal Only (or trades)

Freebies (one) with purchase or trade. First come first serve:
-Kendamas (either one) - Used
-Magic Yo - Some undersized one. Barely used. Has no pads, and half bearing.
-YYF Hubstack - Dead bearing
-OD Rally - One scuff - GONE
-YYF DV888 - Like new - GONE

Let me know if the pictures do not appear.

Hey guys, long time. I need to get rid of some yoyos that I don’t use anymore.

Kingyo Star Scorpion King - $30.66 shipped


Smooth. Beat around the rim.

YYF 1080 - $33.09 shipped


Only used once. Like new. Comes with the tool to change the gap setting.

Free stuff




Kingyo Star Kit - $26 shipped - GONE with Rally

C3 Accelerator - $24.87 shipped - GONE with DV888

Mmmm sold stuff but added more.

Bump. Sold some more stuff, and added more stuff.