Kickflip on a bind yoyo

I was watching mickeys at the 2012 worlds on YouTube and noticed he did a kickflip.
How do you do that?


which part seems like it shouldn’t work on an unresponsive yo-yo?

i did a couple in this episode of fixed friday, which was about fixed axle concepts applied to ball bearing yo-yo’s.

(also ends with a trick called ‘hardflip’, which is a kind of kickflip that happens outside of a stall.)


… Thats the second best yoyo video ive ever seen. Thank you for being awesome ed!

Y’know, the cool thing is you can start small, which is what I’mma do. I can do a one-handed trapeze stall on a fixie and never thought of adding it to a sky bind. Then I saw it in that video and thought, “OK, I can at LEAST start there and see where it goes.” :wink:

Is there a tutorial on how to do kick flipss on a ball bearing ?
I can only find fixed axle :confused:

It’s exactly the same other than binding into the stall.

Im having trouble with rotating the yoyo

Is your string just slipping out? With a low-wall yoyo it might be trickier to get’r going, but I just tried it with a low-wall yoyo and it wasn’t TOOooo different. Might have to make sure there’s not too much string length or something. Put your hands a bit closer together so that the string forms more of a ‘cradle’…?

Can’t say for sure. Worked for me first try.

Noobie question, but I really don’t think I’m doing the stall correctly,
Is there a tutorial of it somewhere?

Not sure. I just did a basic backspin bind (ye standard breakaway bind) and then once the bind kicked in, I quickly moved my NTH in place for the stall. If you’re not doing a bind first, you’re just landing a trapeze, not a stall.

i did one a few years back.

Are you talking about mickey’s winning freestyle at worlds? Becuse i’ve watched that a hundred times and i haven’t seen a kickflip.

I assume you guys are talking about kick flip suicide. SladeRiggs made a clip about a year or so back.

Can someone post links for tutorials for it?

oh man, it would be awesome if mickey did a kickflip! i don’t think he has, so maybe you’re thinking of a different trick in his freestyle, but here’s a couple looks at it on fixed

doing it on unresponsive is pretty much the same as responsive, you just gotta bind into it. alexis jv has a great unresponsive stall combo halfway through this video:

zach has an unresponsive stall trick in his nats freestyle, too.

you’ll probably have to swing a little harder to flip it, too, 'cause bearing yoyos are generally heavier and wider. hope this helps! let me know if you have specific questions?..

Can you explain “binding into it”?

ohh, yeah. that’s a 3D eli hop… i don’t think there are any tutorials for it, but it’s been in a bunch of freestyles. hopefully somebody else will be able to chime in with a good alternate angle or somethin’ for it. but basically what you do is…

  1. throw a trapeze
  2. pop the yo-yo off the string going FORWARD (away from your body.) this is pretty counterintuitive, because the string pushes against the sides of the yo-yo and you probably aren’t used to the motion, but with a little practice you should be able to pop it up and forward at least a foot or so
  3. pull the yo-yo back and land it on the string. that’s the hard part, i guess

it’s a pretty simple trick, but easier said than done i’m afraid. hopefully someone will be able to provide alternate video examples.

p.s. if you still want to learn to do unresponsive kickflips, what we mean by “binding into it” is binding a slow-spinning yo-yo and landing it on the string in a stall