KeyTool by True Utility

Hey all,

So I asked for this for Christmas because 1. I thought it was cool 2. I needed a bottle opener on my keys that was smaller 3. I thought it might be a good yoyo tool. So without further ado!

The KeyTool By True Utility. It costs about $8.00, and I recommend that YYE stock this!!!

It comes in a water tight container that can be re used, and is very large in size. It is pretty dense plastic, nothing to run home about but for it being free packaging, it is VERY nice!

On to the tool:

It has 8 functions, as seen above!

Im just going to rattle off what makes this a must buy!

First off, it is literally FLAT, and adds no weight to your every day carry. It is made of high quality metal and is NOT flexible/break anytime soon. The first obvious use is the cutter. It works extremely well, and is just perfect for cutting string! The 3 screw drivers are thick, and sturdy. I was curious about the small driver at the tip, to be used as a axel loosener…? and it does just that; loosens! anything more, like tightening might end up stripping the axel hex. Also, it can slide in and get out most axel knots, given the gap space on most yo-yos.

The finger nail cleaner is nice, altho its easier to use the small flat head driver in my opinion. The bottle opener is sturdy, and works well. I was skeptical thinking that the metal was thinner, but upon using it and looking over the tool, it is very well made, and solid, with no issues. There are a pair of tweezers on the back of the tool. It comes with a small D clip to attach to your keys, and to be able to remove the KeyTool off the keys to use the tweezers with ease. And Last there is the nail file, and as I am writing this, I thought of the perfect use for it besides the obvious; it could be used to file down those big gouges we get on our throws! it is a course file, that would be perfect for that job.

All in all, for $8, and what you get, this is an amazing little tool that takes up literal zero room on your person.

Again, I HIGHLY recommend that YYE stock this!

This was my short review of the KeyTool by True Utility.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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This isn’t exactly yoyo related, but it looks really interesting. I LOVE cleverly designed multitools, and I always have one on me. My daily carry is a leatherman micra, which is always on my keys.

Tell me, is the eye glass screwdriver any good for removing pads? It’s a little difficult to judge just how long it is.

Also, would this work with a key with a non round head, a pentagonal one, or even hexagonal.


The initial use is not for yo-yos but let me tell you that the reason that i wanted this was for all purpose yoyo related…and it had a bottle opener being in college, double win.

And for it fitting different keys, its limit is the small keys, like master lock small keys, otherwise it fits everything else:

And the small screw driver is the size of those small screw driver sets, the smallest one in there, it could defiantly pop out pads.

I personally think this is the best yoyo multitool you can get, especially for the price, it is amazing.


You can get these on a lot of different sites. While cool, I don’t think YYE really needs to stock them.

I do have one though, and I must say it actually comes in handy sometimes.

Right On Magicman21 !!!

I have one of these as well and have found it to be a very useful YoYo tool. It’s a heck of a lot stronger and robust than it appears to be which is why it’s such a useful utility tool. Had it been made of lower grade material it would be useless.

I really love the fact that it lives on my KeyRing so I never have to remember whether or not I have it.
I recommend it as well.

Good Call…