Cool Yo-Yo Multi-Tool

So I was putting together a stocking of sorts for a yoing friend for the holidays…and in my search for things to throw in, I came across this thing.

It’s sturdy, small and happens to work just about perfect for yoing!
It’s got a knife, some spring loaded scissors for cutting strings, a tweezer to pick out axle knots (don’t actually recommend doing this! I once used a small metal pick to get out a knot and ended up scratching the yo! >.<), a package/box opener which is super handy and works really well…and some pliers. The notch in the pliers fit around a C sized bearing like a well worn glove! Just about perfect!

I really love this thing and think just about everyone should own one. They come in several cool colors (including green!!! :green_heart:) and I’ve recently seen some of the colors going for under $15! What a deal!
I think YoYoExpert should carry these things! (hint hint @YoYoExpertGarrett, @AndreBoulay).