Kevlar string???


Has any one used it or have it… is it good??? is it like alchemy string??? how is the tension… feel…

please some one give a review :’(



Yes it is VERY good. I have not played with alchemy so I can not compare but I like it a lot. It holds tension really well is super soft on the hands and lasts forever. I do not do whips or slacks (yet) but it seems like it would do just fine. Great string but a little bit on the pricy side. As compared to G String SC and Chaos 422 (what I have been using) I would say it is on par with both. I hope this helps I am new to this and reviews are not my strong suit.


wellllll… i want tension and slacks… hugeeee part of my tricks i make now and I need a string that is soft strong and holds tension like crazy…