So I just started Kendama a couple days ago, and was wondering if anyone else did it. Also, is anyone on any kendama forums? I’d like to know of some good ones.


That looks pretty cool. What are some good little which-macallits? (Seriously, what do you call them, kendamas?)




I won one one time and I’ve messed around with it a lot, but never looked up tricks or joined a forum yet.



that’s the exact same model and color of mine.


I have the Alex something pro model 'dama. Lots of fun!


Air Circus down here in southern jersey has them and had some competitions this summer. We didn’t get into them but it had a pretty good response.

I had talked to the owner about doing a few of the in a powder coat.


I mess around with kendama from time to time.

If you’re into checking the rest of the stuff out:

(Chase Baxter) #10

I’m on the Kendama forums…I’ve only posted like one time but I’m on there :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen you on there already, my username on there is the same as mine on here.


This is the biggest forum i know of: . Not huge. I’ve got a few Kendamas - an Ozora, a Sweets, and 2 Tributes. It’s fun, but i don’t have the patience to get too into it. Wish i did since i think in a lot of ways, especially cost, it’s superior to yoyoing.