Kendama recommendations?


I gonna get a kendama and recommendations im new and i figured i should get one with a sticky ken finish so it will be easier to land lighthouses somewhere down the road


Theres not much of a difference.
Its much more simpler then a yoyo just go with anyone you like.
I just pick a natural or a solid


Whats the difference between a natural and solid?


Natural is no color just wood. Cool part is you can paint it yourself make it your own.
Solid well its just one color.


Ohh thanks alot man


if you want a nice practice kendama that can handle concrete or drops,
take a Sweets Atack or a SunRise plain color, they are great for lighthouse tricks
and easy in learning other tricks as well


Thanks i will consider


Klack Kendamas! not overly sticky where you cant readjust your ken and not super slippy where you cant catch a lighthouse at all. there perfect =]