Keeping bearing sorted/identified

Hey guys, I tried searching for this, but didn’t seem to really get what I was looking for.

How do you keep bearings sorted so you know which bearings are which or keep track of what bearings are in what throws?

Well I deshield all my bearings so this is usually quite easy. Ten balls are going to come in most one drops and g squared. Clyw uses 8 ball center tracs so that’s usually distinguishable. ILYY and X^3 use flat metric KMK bearing that is smaller than a size C bearing. Hope this helps a bit.

I use something like this for bearings/response that I keep in my hard case:

Any craft organizer would do the trick. There are a bunch of options online, at craft stores, walmart, etc.

In terms of knowing which bearing is which, I usually just try and keep it straight in my head, but I’ve known some people to mark the bearing with a sharpie. I don’t think this has any negative effect on the bearing, but someone else can chime in and clear that up. There are a lot of sharpie colors so you could have one for each type of bearing you own.

So, the ridiculous thing is that I’m not even an organized person with most of my life. I’m very much laissez faire, not a neat freak, etc…

Disclaimer out of the way…

I keep mine in a Google Docs spreadsheet, PLUS the sharpie method. :wink: The Sharpie doesn’t always work because not all bearings have shields and no other part of the bearing is particularly easy or reliable to mark on. So for example:

SPYY Revenger | Twisted Trifecta | 3 blue dots on shield | unresponsive, quiet | cleaned, 1 pin-drop V4M

No OCD or anything, but I like to know which bearings are which because I experiment around so much. If I just kept everything stock I wouldn’t bother.

Thanks everyone! Mr.wIerdHObBies31, that does help a lot with identifying them. Anmo and Greg, I think I might use a mix of the sharpie/craft organizer things.

And Anmo, I like that case, looks good!

I dont really care about this, Trifecta and centracs bearings are identified easily and with bunch of konkaves I own, I just pick up one which spins best.