I ordered two Crucial grooved bearings, one ceramic, one steel...

(R.C. Sproul) #1

There is NO WAY to discern which one is which! The little baggies that they came in both say, “Crucial grooved bearing size C Packaged by Yoyo Expert” However, one the word CRUCIAL highlighted in orange. Is the highlighted one ceramic? I can’t tell the difference between the bearings on a throw (which should be a warning about going ceramic in and of itself!)

Let me shake it up a bit now by saying that I actually purchased FOUR bearings, two of each. They came on the same day and I took them out of each envelope and threw them in a pile without looking at them because I figured that the pieces of paper inside would tell me which was which. I accidentally ordered twice and I plan to send one order back for a refund. Naturally, I want to keep one ceramic and one steel because that’s what I intended to pay for. Both orders have one highlighted (the one I didn’t mention is in green).

Now that I think about it, how do I know that YYE knows which one is which? How do I KNOW that I actually got two ceramic bearings and two steel? What if they made a mistake? I don’t want to take the shields off…



Remove the shields then look at the balls. If they are black or grey, they are ceramic.

If they are steel, they are steel.

Problem solved.


Half of the problem is solved… He intends to send two of the four bearings back. I don’t believe that sending back deshielded bearings is fair as it was a user error that caused a double order.



It’s always confusing when I see someone say something along the lines of “My bearing is responsive, how can I make it play better?” then that’s proceeded by either “I don’t want to remove the shields” and/or “I don’t want to clean it”. If they’re not willing to do that, how exactly do they plan on solving the problem?

(WildCat23) #5

Put the shields back on?


If “we” are not exactly keen on removing them odds of replacing them???


If he can’t tell the difference in play, and there’s no difference in looks on the outside, then the only thing left for him to do is deshield and reshield the bearings. Plus, you need to deshield a bearing to clean it anyway, so I don’t really see the point in trying to avoid doing it.


Why not just keep them and have extras?


Crazy idea, but how 'bout emailing YYE to ask about the highlighted baggies.


D: oh no you di’int


That’s a bit too complex there, buddy ol’ pal.