Bearing Guide (edited and ready to go)

This is a guide for every one out there. I read a lot of posts arguing about bearings, so I decided to make a guide please tell me what you think.

YYJ bearings- now as you probably know these are in all yyj yoyos. They can be customized to play how you want. These are stock bearings. They can be played responsive, unresponsive, etc. These can also fit YYF if they are the same size. ( there are three diffrent sizes of YYJ bearings small, large , and extra large) YYF bearings are the size large YYJ bearings.

YYF bearings- these are in yoyo factory yoyos. These bearing come ready for unresponsive play and long sleep time right out of the box! There are different kinds of YYF bearings there are Dorothy- which are the old version bearings. They are wonderfull and silent when they are new but after a while they get noise and bad in general. That’s why they are replaced by SPEC bearings now. These are high preforming bearings and they very constant with the quality. Finally there’s the 1/2 spec. It the same as Spec but skinnier for a nerrower gap.

KK bearing- Now this bearing was designed to center the string. This is especially useful for intermediate players who cant center there sting and have a bad throw, but can bind. Once cleaned they are very good player. but if you can center the string it doesn’t make much of a difference. The thing that makes the string so centered is that the center of the bearing is caved in. That prevents the bearing string from the sides of the yoyo or response, allowing it to have greater spin times. It was made by a yoyo company named Dif-E-Yo.

10-ball bearing- finally the “great” 10-ball. Just like the YYF they are great once broken in, very silent, very constant, and a very good player over all. They will take up to 2 months to break in, but can take about 1 week.This bearing is for advanced player who can use unresponsive yoyos and can center the string. Without a centered string you can not use it to its full advantage. It is made out of Chrome -Steel, and you probably know that it’s packed with 10 balls for very long spin time.

Ceramic Bearings- There is 1 type of ceramic bearing, the Ceramic KonKave. The Ceramic Bearings look like any regular bearing, but they have ceramic balls inside of them. This makes it have much more spin time, and they may last much longer than regular bearings.

Notice this is my first guide so tell me how I did.(couldn’t put pictures for some reason)

I give a BIG thanks to GM user he is the one who edited my guide, and put in the Ceramic Bearings so I give much Thanks to you GM user!


Learn to spell. This is one of those instances where I really can’t take your guide seriously because of all of the blatant errors.

Also, there is no problem with putting a YYJ bearing in a YYF yoyo, as long as it is the right size. What makes the KK bearing centered? Who makes it? What about the 10 ball? You need to be a lot more clear.

okay thanks ill edit that right now ;).

No disrespect man, but this guide needs some work. I’m glad that you took the time to gather some information and share it, but all the good information is lost in the bad grammar.

We all have our reservations about grammar and spelling, but in a “guide” there should be very few errors. Just run this kind of thing through spell check if you’re not confident in your own ability to proofread, and we can have a better understanding of what you’re trying to get accross.

all fixed :wink: Thanks for the advice

Much better on the grammar and punctuation, but I still see several errors that may or may not need to be fixed. Not bad though.

One thing - 10 ball bearings aren’t made of chrome steel. They’re made from stainless steel, little bit different (as far as I know).

I think you should put a space in front of your dashes, it makes it look neater. What do you mean by the 10 ball is constant?

k i will and i mean its consistent with the preformance

on yoyo wiki it said that it was made from chrome steel, but i’ll look into it.

Cool guide! :wink: This is a guide everyone should see! :wink:

My kk has long sleep times but is pretty darn snaggy. Is this normal? Should i clean it? I thin lubed it. (I have broken it in, I have played with it for a month and a half, every day for about 2 hours.)

Can you help?

Clean it.

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I have my kk in my xconvict, if i clean my kk will it jack up the plastic on my xconvict?

Should I use wd 40?

Use mineral spirits. Dry it REALLY well though.

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Do we really need two bearing guides within 24 hours?,3484.0.html

I mean both are very good but…

that one is about bearings in genral but mine is about the diff. types of bearing pluse i made mine first but he helped me edit mine so ya

It still needs work there are many more you forgot to mention. Like the Born Crucial Grooved bearing, Ceramic Bearings, and also the small bearing like the Duncan sized. Yoyofactory yoyos come in both sizes. Yeah I know more of the large than the small, but they are still bearings. you should have called this the Large Bearing Guide.

I fixed everything I could find, and added a Ceramic Bearing part. Copy this and paste if you wish.

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wow, thanks GM user!


and to everyone else i know ure trying to help but try not to just dump on me like that this IS my first guide