Bearing Guide (edited and ready to go)

We know. We were just giving constructive criticism.

You do know that it’s “you’re” or “your” and not “ure”? Please try to work on typing your posts with mostly nice grammar and punctuation. Thanks!

o i see. cool, cool. ya so thanks!

O, I see. Cool, cool. Ya, so, thanks!


nice guide


you’re welcome

I don’t think Dorothy’s are ceramic.

Really? If anything,the guy at Redondo said they are. :-\

He’s probably right. I’ll ask Ben.


I am really sorry for double posting but have you got any info on the Dorothy Bearings Samad?

Nope, hasn’t responded to my PM.



Don’t bump it twice a day.

You don’t need to have everyone see it, most people look onto the second page…

And this was only half way down the first page…

all right

In the YYF bearings: Are you 100% sure that they are already unresponsive when open in the box? so they don’t need to break them in to make them unresponsive am i right? (Just correct me if I’m wrong) :smiley:

yup there usally allredy unresponsive out of thre box im not sure about the breaking in

I liked it. I thought it was very informative.

why thank you ;D if u also like the grammer thank gmuser :wink: and the cermaic kk thank him for that to

give me a B



P WHats that spell…BUMP!!!