How to Differentiate Bearings?

I have three unknown bearing in my case that I can’t differentiate or tell what brand/model they are. One kind of has a curved edge and looks very refined and smooth, another is curved inwards but not center trac, and the last one just looks like a normal bearing but isn’t YYF. Ideas? Can I look for markers or anything?

pics ?

I mean just in general. Do different brands have specific defining characteristics?

yes,but design can get ripped off like myy use fake kk or buddha bearing wimple has the same design as the yyo bearing

question: why does knowing the brand of your bearing matter?

question: what led up to you forgetting what bearing was what?

Brand: uh…to sort bearings? I want to know the good bearings to put in my better yoyos and leave the bad ones out. (was this not obvious?)

I get a bunch of bearings in trades, etc and they don’t specify.

If you post pictures someone on here will be able to tell you what types of bearings you have.
The thing is, that your descriptions of the bearings were rather Lacking, and nobody wants to play the guessing game. But in all fairness it is difficult for anyone to describe the centering patterns of bearings with words, but that’s what pictures are for. :wink:

Will do!

Also, knowing the brand won’t necessarily tell you what is your best bearing. Sure, certain brands are known to generally be better than others, but it ultimately comes down to testing each individual bearing for yourself. I have a standard 8 ball centertrac bearing that outperforms a couple of my CTX’s, for example. Also, although OD 10 balls are generally highly regarded, and are indeed very smooth and quiet, I don’t personally like them as much as some of my other bearings, such as my ceramic Buddha Whipple bearings which are not as smooth or quiet.

The only reason I see that’s important to know the brand/type is so that you can buy more of a bearing that you like. Other than that, the brand shouldn’t have much weight in your decision of what’s best.

I have no idea which of my bearings have gone where now. They are all KK or KK copies, apart from one YYF flat bearing. They all perform well enough not to notice a difference, after a clean and slight lube.