c3 bearings


Who here thinks that c3yoyodesign should market their bearings by themselves


I have a Capless, so not a lot of throws to compare. But it seemed like a fairly standard steel 8-ball to me. I think the cage is a bit sturdier than totally cheap generic bearings, but I’m not sure that I saw anything that would make me go out of my way to buy one.


i just recently bought a token that came with a very smooth ten ball


That’s interesting since the Capless more expensive than the Token and the Token comes with a 10-ball. ???

I have a Token, and the 10-ball that came with it is pretty awesome.


Now you’ve got me doubting myself. I’m going to double-check later and see what’s in there. I certainly “liked” the bearing well enough, but I just wasn’t blown away by it. It was fine, no need to swap it out or anything.


Here’s a dumb question. How can you tell what you got without deshielding? I’ve have my bearing from my Capless lying on my desk right in front of me. Now what am I looking for as demarkation of distinctiveness?

(or should that be “distinction”?)


Can’t imagine how you would know without deshielding, which is when I spotted that it was an 8-ball (though now I’m doubting myself).


Yours came with shields?

Man, this whole C3 bearing thing is just confusing. My Token bearing did not come with shields on it, so I just counted the balls. But yours came with shields… Meh, a bearing’s a bearing!


Yeah, that’s what I kinda thought. I didn’t deshield to count the balls. I have never been unhappy with my Capless’ performance so what do I care how many ball bearings it has.


I never claimed to be unhappy, either! It’s just fine. Never needed to change it, either. I did check tonight, however, and it’s an 8-ball as I remembered.

Perfectly serviceable, fairly quiet and smooth. But nothing I would go out of my way to buy separately in a store.

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they should sell the bearings great bearings and they would make a little more of money :smiley:


theyre great! reminds me of breakfast lol! but seriously they are good bearings comparable to 10 balls and speed bearings.