Questions about CT bearings

Hi community, I have some questions about Center track bearings.
Is CBC owned by Yoyofactory ?

I understand they have 3 kinds of size C bearings, the 8ball CT, the 10ball CT and the CTX.
Does the CTX come already unshielded ?
All CTX are 10-ball ?
Whats the difference between regular CT and CTX ?
Are there actually only 2 kinds of C size CT bearings ? Regular CT 8ball and CTX 10ball ?
Is the 10ball CT actually the same as the CTX ?

I ask because I’m kinda confused. A while ago I got a Marbled Northstar that came with a shielded CT bearing. I unshielded it and noticed it was actually a 10ball bearing, I was kinda confused because I had heard that *stars came with normal 8ball CTs.
Today I got 2 Onestars upgraded with CTs. I was expecting 10ball bearings (like the northstar) but instead they both were 8ball CTs.
Is it normal to get 10ball bearings with Northstars or was it an special case ?

Well thanks for the answers in advance.

Nothing wrong with asking questions. Most people either ask questions or make statements; obviously… It’s a Forum.

But that being understood; did you ever consider emailing Yoyofactory and asking them these questions?

Might be a more effective way to ‘get some answers’.

They are pretty handy at knowing a lot of stuff about their own Products.

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Individually sold CT are always 8 ball shielded, typically single (crown) cage, but can also occasionally have double (riveted) cage.
Individually sold CTX are always 10 ball lubed and shieldless.
CT+shaped bearings that come stock with yoyos can be any of the above 3 variations, but most are shielded.