Kayto 2 Review



The Kayto 2 is the second 3D printed yoyo brought to us by the fine people at Fluid Print Dynamics. I was saddened when I missed the initial release and I jumped at the chance to purchase this new, experimental technology when Fluid Print Dynamics announced they were taking pre-orders for a new, slightly redesigned, printed yoyo. I wish that for the sake of this review I had the opportunity to play the Kayto 1, but as I failed to procure the Kayto 1, this review will simply cover the Kayto 2.

Print Time - 9.5 Hours
Weight - 66.5 grams
Width - 45 mm
Diameter - 56.5 mm
Response - One Drop Silicone Pads
Hub - Acorn Nut/M4 Axle


Seeing as how it is printed, layer by layer, almost piece by piece, the Kayto 2 does have a very unique, ever so mildly ridged feeling in the palm of your hand. The layers are nearly microscopic and do not affect the play of the yoyo in the least. When you run the tip of your fingernail across the rim of the yoyo you can hear and feel each individual layer. I had a difficult time photographing the layering on the throw itself, but it was a little more evident on the counterweight. I should state at this time that the wonderful counterweight was a complete surprise and was included gratis due to a prolonged wait to receive my throw(Fluid Dynamics apologized and stated there were some printing machine issues). As for the axle, response, and bearing, Fluid Print states, “this Yoyo uses Hollow Hub Technology (H.T.T.). The hub is HOLLOW to allow for maximum rim weight distribution without sacrificing strength. No other manufacturing process can achieve this in a single solid part except for 3d printing making this a world first for a yoyo. The play is awesome to say the least…6061 aluminum bearing seat that DO NOT have death grip syndrome (Where the bearing gets stuck on the seat) allow for use of any full sized C bearing! New axle system that utilizes the proven nut and axle system, used in plastic yoyos around the world.” I have no problem with the bearing seat, the bearing, or the response pads. All work appropriately and seem to suit the printed yoyo quite well.





Ordinarily I would not give a yoyo’s weight its own section in a review, but the Kayto 2’s weight is interesting to me. Out of the box, the throw appears to have been tuned/sanded/cleaned up, possibly similarly to the sanding/tuning CLYW does with each Yeti. I’m sure it is a rigorous/painstaking process inserting the hubs, bearing seats, etc…the website says that the throw weighs 66.5 grams. My Kayto 2, bearing and string included, weighed between 65.8 and 66 grams on multiple hospital grade scales in my hospital. When the halves were unscrewed, and the bearing and string removed, one half weighed 31.2 grams and the other half weighed 33.3. Would this two gram difference between halves be noticeable during play? Let’s find out!


In one word: impressive. The Kayto 2 can absolutely perform any trick, combo, slack, whip, suicide, horizontal, etc…it genuinely is a fully functional and fully capable yoyo. Well, as long as you’re not looking for thumb grinds (no IRG) arm grinds, palm grinds, basically grinds of any kind…but inability to grind well not withstanding, I was genuinely really impressed with the performance of the Kayto 2. For a fairly large, nearly oversized throw (see my comparison shots to the CLYW Cliff…the two are nearly identical) the Kayto 2 moves through the air and on the string quite well. Especially for an experimental throw using an experimental technique from a new company that was selling the thing for only $35. I would not call it “floaty,” it’s definitely more solid, but it moves very well. That being said, if you’re one of those people who hate and/or are terrified of “vibe” the Kayto 2 is absolutely not your cup of tea. I don’t know if it’s due to the 2 gram difference between halves or if it’s a byproduct of the printing technique, or what the deal is, but my Kayto 2 is one of my more “vibey” throws. It absolutely fails any fingernail vibe test and the vibe is palpable on the string and in the air, but I honestly don’t care. Vibe never bothered me and in a new, experimental product like this if you can’t handle a little bit of vibe you don’t deserve to own this cool toy.

Its shape and size are very similar to that of the CLYW Cliff and I played the two interchangeably for a few hours prior to writing this review because they also seemed to play similarly. The Cliff has all the benefits of a long-standing, well known and trusted brand. It has the benefits of being precision machined out of aluminum and being one of the floatiest, large throws ever due to its large under-cut and outer double ring design, but honestly the Kayto 2’s play does sort of emulate the Cliff fairly well. It’s not as smooth, not as floaty, it doesn’t sleep for nearly as long, but it does offer the same power on the initial release/throw and it does make you thing, “Hmm…this feels different…in a good way.” That being said, if you’re middle finger was too wide for the gap on the Cliff, watch out for the Kayto 2 because its gap is a tiny bit smaller and your finger may definitely hit the throw hard on a nice, snappy bind.

(Comparison shots using YYF Shutter, Kayto 2, and CLYW Cliff, from left-to-right)


The counterweight is a winner. As stated before, it was a free surprise because it took about 2 months to receive my Kayto 2 after my order was placed. The counterweight has taken over as my go to counterweight. I should have taken it to work and weighed it because I honestly have no idea how much it weighs but the shape is very nice to work with and it’s a lot of fun to hold/throw/play. Kudos on the counterweight idea!!


I didn’t know what to expect with this throw but I also didn’t care. I love new and exciting things and this is a new and exciting yoyo from a new and exciting manufacturing method. By no means is the Kayto 2 going to become my everyday throw, but it’s absolutely worth playing, using, and showing off. For only $35 it’s honestly one heck of an unresponsive yoyo. I’m very pleased with my purchase and I will gladly purchase other new/interesting yoyos from Fluid Print Dynamics. Well done.


Only saw this now! Thanks for the positive review.