3D printed fixed axle yoyo!

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on a 3D printed yoyo prototype that @Kray and I designed and made together.

As a lot of you know, Kray has made some excellent 3D printed YoYos and has a keen eye for yoyo design. Knowing little about the properties of the plastic used and the manufacturing process of 3D printing myself, I got in touch with Kray to see if he thought this might be a good way of making a fixed axle yoyo.

Now, I’m a big fan of fixed axle YoYos, and one of my favorites is the 2014 eh. I find that the shape, weight and size work very well and it is my ideal fixed axle yoyo. Another favorite yoyo of mine it the Yweti. I love the comfy shape and it surprised me how similar it is to the eh (and also the FHZ, my favourite plastic). These two YoYos really influenced the initial design process for this fixed axle throw.

After some discussions on size and weight, we came up with this design:

Kray sent me a couple of halves straight off the printer, and I got to work on giving it a clean up. I wanted to maximize the spin time and reduce the risk of string breaking, so I made sure to make the catch zone as smooth as possible. I mounted it on a lathe and using a combination of acetone and sandpaper, I managed to remove a lot of the print lines.

As you can see, we settled on a 4 hole response system. I thought this would work best for this design as I know starburst responses can wear out and wasn’t sure how accurate the print would handle them.

Another thing I wanted to do was to try and paint it, so after I was happy with the surface I appled some paint.

I used acrylic spray paint and went for a speckled effect and the plastic accepted the paint well.

After a clear topcoat was applied I let it dry and here is what it looks like:

I’m really happy with how the paint job turned out and it should be hard wearing enough for modest bangs and scrapes.

After the paint work it weighs 50.20g and has a diameter of 54mm, a width of 35mm and a gap of 2mm.

But, how does it play?

The shape is comfy and fits the hand snuggly. The stainless steel axle allows for long spin times and adds a little more weight to the center of the yoyo. The response works well and comes back to the hand nicely with a tug.

Hidden within the yoyo, Kray managed to place extra material towards the rims that help with spin and also adds durability to the rims just in case.

I’m not a great looper but it handles them well and I’ve done some of my best loops on this thing.

As it stands, I think this yoyo is great. The size is perfect for your pocket and the sturdy plastic would make it great for EDC. Because of the materials used, it doesn’t need any maintenance and it should last for years and years of play.

Overall, I really enjoyed the part I played in the design of this yoyo and it was a pleasure to work with Kray! I’m looking forward to future projects!


It’s a great one! Good job @Kray and @Lukoyo!!! Maybe I need to do the sand and paint treatment too?!?


I was also to lazy :wink:


Love that knot picker, that’s what it is right?


@Lukoyo and me both Luchador fans build another throw together.


This is tight. Nice work!

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really, really cool! well done! :slight_smile:
always glad to see more steel axle fixies, shape looks great too.
are you using 1/4" dowel pins for the axle? if you don’t mind my asking, how are you securing it? i haven’t been able to get a satisfactory pressfit yet but glue can be kind of wonky as well, curious about your process.


Hey @drewtetz,
I press fitted mine with a rubber hammer. We use 20mm - 4mm steal axels.
Not sure if @Lukoyo drilled the hole of his bigger and added glue.

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Hi @Kray . I am trying to find your 3d print designs, in particular the fixed axle. I’m just new to the forum and couldn’t figure out how to PM you. Can you please let me know how I can download that file?


Hi @Bitsam,
I am traveling Europe right now and my printer and the hard drives with the files are at home. So I am sorry but I can not help right now.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply and enjoy your travels. I’d still be keen to get one of your designs when you get back.

Hey @Bitsam ,
Sure np I am back mid June. If you still looking just hit me up.

Just to update the post. All old since I did not print in a while but still nice to look at.